Sunday, 16 August 2009

Try again

My last attempt at a run was back in April. I have, to be fair, done a few reasonable gym sessions in the interim, some alone and some with Kim, but by no means enough to make up for the lack of running.

It was (and still is) the plantar fasciitis, which has not gone away and still plagues me daily; it makes me feel old and unfit and frightened.

My weight has gone back up to 11-7 (14lb up on my best maintained weight of 10-7), about 80% of my wardrobe doesn't fit any longer, and I'm deeply depressed about myself. A lovely holiday in France had some very dodgy moments when I gave way to fits of the poor-mes, and I can't let this go on any longer.

During four days' catching up on paperwork and laundry post-holiday, I went to the gym on Friday and managed 45 minutes' CV on various machines, plus about 15 minutes' weights. Today, I took the bull by the horns and went for a walk-run. Remembering my desperation the last time I tried to run it, I took my self right back to the level I worked at when I first began running in March 2007, and deliberately ran for two minutes, walked for 2-3 minutes, for the whole route (1.75 miles). A pathetic 13 minute pace, but as more than half of it was walking, I suppose that's fair enough. Oddly, the heel doesn't hurt at all, but the unfit leg muscles knew all about it! And, of course, terrible CV.

But it was a good thing to do, and it's the best I've felt about myself for ages. If I never run further than 5K, or faster than a ten minute mile, ever again, I honestly won't mind - as long as I can get back to doing around 5-7 miles a week, which is what helped me to become the person I want to be again.


SAM said...

Fantastic to see you back. I'm back at it again after moving house and letting everything slip. Also 14 lb up on my best (and my best still needed a lot of work).
Wishing you - and the plant fac all the very best. xxSAM

Cassie said...

Thanks, Sam! I went to the gym as well last night, and now ache everywhere it's possible to ache!! Let's hang on in there together... C x

Sophie said...

Hi Cassie - I stumbled upon your blog and reading it very inspiring. I too have weight to lose and thinking about joining a gym. I like the sound of a personal trainer - think it would give the kick start I need. Your PT sounds great and obviously kept you motivated.

Cassie said...

Dear Sophie - many thanks for your comments (I only published one as they were about the same!). I wish I was a better example at present; but you're absolutely right, a PT (if you find a good one) is brilliant motivation. My original PT is in fact now not working in that field at all, but as she's turned into one of my best friends we still work out together - these days she gets paid in food & wine back at my house afterwards! Try your local gym, as they will often have adverts for local PTs on the walls, and you might be able to get personal recommendations from others. Good luck - and I hope to be of better inspiration to you again soon!

Gymbunny21 said...

Hello Cassie

I really miss and enjoyed reading your blog about your revamp. Your writings were funny and very inspiring. I would love to know how you are progressing? Are you managing to keep the weight off and still working out/running? I have lost 2 stone in the past 8 months working hard in the gym and cuting out alcohol!!I now need to keep the weight off. Hope you can update us soon on your progress.
Best Wishes
Gym Bunny :-)

Cassie said...

Hi Gymbunny - thanks for the comments. (I published the last one - you obviously had three goes!)

I'm not a very good example right now, I'm afraid. The plantar fasciitis is still with me in spades; I'm told that I'm just unlucky that it is taking so long to heal, but it means that walking for very long is painful, much less running. I manage 1-2 gym sessions per week, but it really isn't enough; what kept my weight down before was roughly one gym session and two runs, and getting to the gym is so time consuming. Excuses, excuses. Please take encouragement from what I was able to achieve before - I maintained the weight loss for around 18 months before it all went (literally) pear-shaped, and I put nearly all the weight back on. Your achievement is brilliant - well done - please be a better inspiration than me! C x