Thursday, 4 June 2015

One year on

Apologies if this is just too smug... but I seriously need reminding sometimes of what the achievements are.

One year ago today, I had my first weight-in, measure-in, counselling session and juices at Obsidian.

With huge help and support from family and friends, and inspiration from other health and fitness experts, I've done what I set out to do. I've achieved a healthy BMI; I'm sub-ten-stone-seven for the first time in eight years; I'm a comfortable size 14 (sometimes nearer a 12, depending on the make); and bien dans ma peau in a way that I'd forgotten was possible.

My very heaviest weight was in fact two pounds higher than shown above, shortly before my visit to Spain, so:
  • Weight dropped from 13-1 to 10-6.
  • BMI has gone from just over 30 to just over 24.
  • Waist measurement was 37.5", now 33.5".
  • Widest part measurement was 45", now 40".
  • Bust was (probably - I don't have a record) about 43", now 39".

My perception of what is 'normal' has changed for good.