Sunday, 11 November 2007


- and am I ever fed up about it...

That pain in the ankle that appeared on my last run? I optimistically assumed that it would be like the foot-down-a-pothole equivalent a couple of weeks before. A couple of days off and it would be fine. Well, it wasn't.

That was Wednesday. By Friday I was still limping as though somebody had kicked me hard on the right ankle-bone. No visible bruising, but very sore. OK, I won't run today. Or Saturday.

Sunday it seemed a bit easier, and Kim was available to try out a new local route that would include a few hills in places, round Thorpe Marriott. At first it seemed OK - a bit annoying, but nothing worse than I've run through before. However, by about the mile-and-a-half point, it was at oh, b*gger levels. We stopped, stretched, walked a bit, ran a bit more - and I had to give up and hobble to rest. So I had done 1.75 miles (plus a further half-mile of walking & hobbling) - when my training distance at the moment is a proud average of 4.5 miles.

We went back home, out came the frozen peas and the bandages for the RICE treatment (if you're wondering, this is a bit of runner's parlance that I've only just learned: Rest-Ice-Compress-Elevate). And a glass of wine. And an ibuprofen.

I'm amazed at two things. One is that the distance I managed before giving up - 1.75 miles - felt REALLY short; but for months it was my regular training distance.

The other is how deeply it's depressed me. During the run, every other bit of me - calves, thighs, CV, the lot - was raring to go, and I so wanted to have my run. And I couldn't. I could've cried. Well, I did a bit. The frustration is unbelievable.

So it's back to work at the computer for the next couple of days - but we're planning a gym session on Monday night that doesn't involve the ankles...


Mary said...

Hi Cassie. Far be it from me to advise, BUT as someone who has run for only 18 months and started age 54, I have very few aches or pains (just a bit of shin aching once). The difference between my running and yours is that I run on the railway track i.e. flat and beaten earth, not tarmac. Perhaps more experienced runners could advise? Or is it that I VERY slow!!! Don't start back too soon. Mary

Cassie said...

Thanks, Mary. Actually, I run on a real mixture of surfaces, and my most comfortable is straightforward pavements. As I got a bit faster, I'm finding that the country lanes slow me up as I have to watch more carefully where I'm going!

I'm pretty slow, too - if I get under a 10:30 mile I'm well pleased!