Sunday, 20 January 2008


It's been a couple of weeks - mostly because of our usual post-Christmas crashout with friends (as usual, a highly enjoyable combination of over-eating and over-spending). I did manage one gym session during the week, which was better than nothing, at the rather swish JJB gym in Bolton. (Query: why don't gyms have a scheme for visitors, rather than charging on the basis of you trying out the gym before joining? I can't be the only mad fool who doesn't stop wanting a workout when on holiday.)

During the week leading up to the holiday, Kim & I had managed a reasonable three-gym-session-week, including CV, weights and swimming in various combinations. The ankle continues to mystify; the occasional ache at night, usually walking reasonably comfortably but gets tired quickly, heels of any description are a no-no (which is cramping my style something horrible), and the odd violent twinge if I put on pressure at an odd angle. The one-mile treadmill run on 5th January is still the only running I've dared attempt since November.

This evening, I combined a grocery-top-up trip to Sainsbury's with a gym visit. Comfortable with ten minutes each on bike, cross-trainer and Nautilus, followed by 50 minutes' full weights routine.

In the supermarket, I spotted a leaflet about Sport Relief. A mile? Only a mile? Oh, come on. I can do that. And it turns out that you can actually choose to run one mile, three miles or six miles. So if I feel brave in eight weeks time, I might just see if the three is do-able...

... but I promise I'll be sensible, and do lots of treadmill work in little bits, and see the physio - and the podiatrist, if the NHS ever gets around to giving me an appointment...

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