Sunday, 9 December 2007

I'll be there next year

Today was the Buxton 5K Christmas Fun Run. Kim and I had planned to do this together, with Kim's dad Malcolm and his wife Sue (and Henry the dog). Being out of action, I went along to cheer them on - happily the weather was reasonably kind, but they still had a very muddy time! You can see a selection of photos on Picasa by clicking on the album link below...

Buxton Christmas 5K 2007

Malcolm came in at 26:25, Sue (and Henry) at 33:00, and Kim at 34:34. (Kim's time was just 2 seconds slower than at Wroxham in August. Given that this race was a heck of a lot harder, cross country and muddy, and that my injury had slowed up Kim's training - it's hard for her to train on her own at night at this time of year - this is pretty impressive.)

You just wait. I'll be back.

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