Sunday, 30 December 2007

It's going to be OK

My lovely mum & dad, with best beloved husband in the mad red shirt, over our non-traditional lamb Christmas dinner

It's been over a fortnight since any activity - blog, gym or otherwise. At this time of year, that's not really surprising - although I have been surprised by my "green-eyed monster" reaction to some folk I saw out running over the Christmas period. I so wanted to be doing the same.

Food, drink, chocolate (have you tried the Lindt Dark Chocolate Lindor???)... no activity... asking for trouble. And when I checked the other day - I'm still 147 lb. Hey, must be something wrong with the scales!

So on today's gym visit, I checked on their scales - and it's absolutely right. My weight hasn't moved from 147 lb since July - apart from a brief dip to 145 lb back in the summer, and a scary elevation to 150 lb after our holiday in France, both of which were very short-lived. Phew.

Anyway, the gym was a much-needed relief. Ten minutes each on bike, rower, cross-trainer, walking on the Nautilus (fancy treadmill) and back to the bike; then 20 minutes of weights. The ankle felt a bit sore after the Nautilus, so it's clearly not ready for much of that sort of action yet (I was looking longingly at the treadmill and wondering do I dare try to run a mile?...) but I was surprised at how quickly it recovered after I moved onto the weights.

Kim is back from her Christmas in Spain, and we've promised to manage at least 2 sessions a week at the gym. I've a fortnight for that, then we're off to see friends in Bolton for our post-Christmas break (which is always serious Rest, Recuperation and Retail Therapy - not to mention Repasts), so hope to be able to run even a tiny bit during that week.

A mile at a time wouldn't be asking too much, would it?

Just 11 minutes or so? ?



Thirkellgirl said...

I guess your body wants to be 147! That's great. I hope you're able to get back to running soon; try to be patient. I had almost a whole summer off a couple years ago and found I was *stronger when I got back to it. Be kind to your poor ankle! Happy New Year!

Nikki said...


Happy New Year!

The only "good" thing about an injury is that it makes you realise what you had and you appreciate it even more when you recover! Hoping you will be back on your feet soon!

Cassie said...

thanks, ladies... I'll try to be patient. And amen to that, Nikki...

TK said...

Hi Cassie,

Lovely new photo, you look GREAT!

Keep working the upper body, rest the ankle, cut out salt, and see what happens. ;)

Happy New Year!