Saturday, 15 December 2007

Getting better - slowly

My foot is now not so much painful as a bit uncomfortable; I walk slowly, but without hobbling.

Whisper it. Ever so quietly. But it seems to be improving.

A great gym session with Kim last night; ten minutes each on cycle and cross-trainer ("will you slow down, woman? You're supposed to have a bad foot!") followed by about half an hour of weights, and 15 minutes' swim.

It's five weeks since I realised something was seriously wrong: when Kim & I went to try to run round Thorpe Marriott, and I had to give up after less than 2 miles. In that five weeks, I've had just four gym sessions, including last night.

And you know what? My weight is still the same. In previous attempts, even a few days off the wagon would have been enough to cause disaster. After five weeks' absence from running and an average of one gym session a week, and eating absolutely normally, I'm still 147 lb, still with a BP of 118/85, and still fitting into my size 12s. Triumphant.

I am determined to take it very slowly. A couple more weeks of gym sessions, then in the new year I should be able to start using the Nautilus and the treadmill again. I've resigned myself to the fact that the Wymondham 10K isn't going to happen, but there will be other times for that. If I can be running again by the end of January, and keep everything else under control in the gym, that's fine by me.

And what a lesson to have learned.


Thirkellgirl said...

As someone who had truly terrible foot pain for months, and now doesn't, I just wanted to share with you that when I started wearing Merrell clogs on a daily basis my plantar fascitis disappeared within five days. I thought I'd tried every combination of shoes/socks/sandals and ibuprofen/ice/heat that was possible, but these shoes have fantastic support (Merrell makes hiking boots) and I haven't had a bad foot night since I got them.
Love your blog, read it often!

Cassie said...

Thirkellgirl, thanks so much - great tip. I will see what I can find here in the UK!

Delighted you like the blog. Hasn't been much to report recently, but I promise I'll be back soon...

Have a great new year!