Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Go, the Reepham Runners

An advert in our village magazine put me on to this friendly bunch. On a simply glorious evening, we started at the leisure centre at the back of The Old Brewery hotel, and wove our way round some very pretty paths and corners of the town. 18:15 running time, plus a couple of pauses to stretch, so I'm guessing at about 1.7 miles or so (hopefully Jackie will figure it out on FetchEveryone, as my usual crap sense of direction prevents me figuring it out!).

A great extra motivation to put in a few extra miles when I can. Their Tuesday evening meetings are best for me by far; Thursday mornings just don't do it (day off!) and Sunday mornings tend to be busy in this household. But an early evening meander through the Norfolk countryside - on paths which are a lot better to run than most round Weston Longville, and prettier than Longwater - will do very nicely whenever the diary permits.


daisymae said...

Hi Cassie, and thanks for your positive comments about the Reepham Runners.

Our uncharacteristically short run was in fact only 1.58 miles, according to Fetcheveryone! Since then our Tuesday evening runs have been between 3 and 4 miles for us plodders, and much longer (8-15 miles) for the younger ones with longer legs. We've also been in the Worstead 5 miles, where I managed to come in under the hour - no mean achievement for me.

As a club we are now gearing up for the Round Norfolk Run in September - 197 miles, run in 17 stages over the course of a weekend. It's great fun being part of the support team as well as running, and is an event we look forward to.

Hope to see you again soon!

Cassie said...

Great to hear from you, Jackie. Just back from 3 weeks in France - great time. Hope to be back with you as soon as the timetable for the next few weeks is sorted out!