Monday, 11 October 2010

Still on track

I've been managing one pound each week so far.

Weighed myself this morning: still on track. Six weeks, six pounds exactly.

Not on a diet. Mindful eating.

Start: 171 lb.
Today: 165 lb.



Thirkellgirl said...

That's great! I check your blog every once in a blue moon to see how you're doing. I find your progress encouraging!

Cassie said...

Thanks! Lovely to know you're still there! :)

TK said...

Thanks for hanging in there, for having such a good attitude about the last couple years and for being brave enough to keep blogging! I find my own encouragement in reading your posts.

I've had too many setbacks to count and gave up for two years. I did a couple good little paintings, but my own blog is seesawing between grumpy whining and glimmers of hope. That's when I can be bothered to post.

The funny thing is after setting my hubby up with a blog 3+ years ago, he has finally quit dismissing it and dived in head first!

I also started having trouble with my weight as soon as menopause kicked in, and even with eating less than half of what I used to, it is still creeping up because my back and hips are so messed up I need to see a physical therapist for the super tight psoas and hip flexors and quads from too much time at desk work for two jobs and my own stuff.

I do have a BowFlex, some smoke and mirrors yes but it's basically an all in one resistance band station and it gets me warmed up and working gently as I have decided I need to get back to weights. Also looking into getting a used (most all my things are used) recumbent exercycle to take the strain off my back and work the leg muscles a bit differently so I can get rebalanced, and get back to the 2 miles 5 times a week again.

I am going to go read back through your blog for more inspiration and again thanks so much for getting back into it, and I'm certain you are helping more people than you know!

Best of luck with your efforts and all good wishes. :)

Thirkellgirl said...

Hey, Cassie, how's it going?