Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Friendly running

Since Kim started her full-time job, a few weeks ago, there's obviously been less time for getting together. We managed it this evening, and had a lovely run down to Morton and back.

The rain had been torrential earlier that afternoon (I'd sent her a text: "Coming for a swim?" which baffled her at the time, as the storm hadn't reached the city, ten miles away from us, but she soon found out what I meant!). Happily, it cleared away quickly, leaving a beautiful evening. We kept a steady pace of around a ten-minute mile throughout, dodging puddles and stopping to say hello to the cattle. Then back to the Rectory for a chilli supper and a gossip.

It's funny, but I find it easier to settle into a comfortable, "run-easy" pace when I jog with Kim than when I'm on my own. And chatting as we run tests the cv!

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