Sunday, 8 July 2007

Compliments, poppies and sunshine

At church this morning, I saw a couple of folks that I'd not met up with for some little while - including the "relief organist" (who covers for the regular one when she's away). I hadn't seen Colin for about a year, so his reaction to my new appearance was very gratifying...

After I got home, Ann (who lives at Morton Hall) wanted a bit of advice on email, so of course this was a good excuse for a run. As this would mean one mile, then a break for provision of technical support, then another mile, I decided to go the "long way round" - i.e. instead of going straight down the main drive, I continued down the lane and turned left up the side of a field to get into the estate that way. This gave me a run of about 2 miles in one hit on the way there (and the usual 1 on the way back).

What I had forgotten was that the last time I'd taken this route, it was April - and hence the path had been a lot less overgrown than it was today! Dodging nettles and cow-parsley doesn't really make for a PB route.

But it was beautiful. A glorious day for the first time in what feels like months (okay, a bit of an exaggeration there).

crops doing their Lark Rise stuff

the path through the woods

Norfolk poppies

So lucky to be living here, and to have such beauty on the doorstep.

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