Tuesday, 3 July 2007

OK, I'm addicted...

... judging by how much better I felt after today's gym session.

Yesterday, as you'll have gathered, was a complete washout - torrential rain at frequent intervals meant that a run was out of the question, and the A47 accident proved to be dreadful enough to keep the A47 shut for hours, preventing access to the gym (not that my gym session is what you'd call important in the larger scheme of things).

Today saw me at a women's networking event in Norwich - Women on Top - which was great fun and very helpful. It was pouring with rain as we finished (there's a change), but eventually I made it back to the car park in one piece, and got to Carrefour.

I realised with some horror that it's ten days - ten days - since I was at the gym - although I console myself with the fact that there have at least been three runs and two long walks in that time, not to mention two decluttering sessions with all the physical work that implies. However, it's also four days since my last run (Friday), so I was eager to get back on track. Ten minutes' warmup, fifteen on the Nautilus, fifteen running at 8 km/hour on the treadmill, then a full 45 minutes of weights programme. Strictly speaking, I think I'm best keeping the gym for weights, and the running for CV - as I really was flagging by the end - but oh dear, that was better.

I couldn't face getting back into tights and a sharp skirt suit* after my workout, so froze to death walking round Sainsbury's in my jogging bottoms and sleeveless top...

* which I can now wear with confidence for the first time since July 2003

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