Friday, 21 September 2007

I'm back

Well, that was a long break from blogging. For anybody who's been loyal / daft enough to keep up with my reports, apologies for the absence... it was made up of (a) two weeks' holiday in a gite in the Loire valley, (b) a week seeing a variety of friends around the London area, and (c) immediately vanishing to do three days' decluttering work with a new client in Suffolk.

So here I am, nearly a month after my Wroxham 5K efforts, catching up. I've added a few interim entries on their correct dates, where there's any relevant news on running / weight loss activity in that time, so if you're really interested you can start reading those here and then work through each Newer Post.

Oh, and thanks to the guys on the Runner's World forum for caring about what I'm up to and sending me an email to chase me up after a month's absence!

PS: Kim has been on holiday, too - she went to Spain just before we got back from France. We're looking forward to meeting up for a run on Monday. I've really missed my friend and mentor.


Nikki said...

Hello! Nice to see you back again, sounds like you've had a great time!

I'm back at work now so a lot of my running plans have been scuppered, and I have that 10k tomorrow! Eek!

Cassie said...

Thanks, Nikki... life does tend to get in the way sometimes, doesn't it? Mind you, it works both ways. I've just had a client cancel me today, so I have an unexpectedly free day - and an opportunity to go for a run!!

Good luck with the 10K - I'm sure you'll be fine. Will be thinking of you.