Saturday, 22 September 2007

Sociably running easy

I spent most of the day oscillating madly between washing machine and computer, trying to catch up with the backlog. A glorious evening therefore made it easy to go out about 5pm for a run-easy on my usual 2 mile route.

I must admit, it was 2 x 1 mile, and took rather a lot longer than usual. On my walk down from our door to the end of the lane, I found neighbours Margaret and Sally picking blackberries, and stopped to chat and scrump a few; and I met Ann when I reached her gate, and stopped to chat with her. (She's been flat out with sciatica, poor lady - given how superbly active she usually is - so I was delighted to see her taking her aged terrier, Archie, for his evening constitutional. "I walk a lot faster when I don't have him on the end of the lead...")

Be that as it may: a gentle two miles in lovely sunshine on my favourite quiet roads, with friends, dogs and blackberries - what more could I ask for?


Kat @ The Weigh We said...

Sounds like a very lovely day! Glad to see you're back on blog duty!! :)

You've inspired me to get up from this computer and run, too, before it gets too late.

Alexis said...

congratulations....your very made it