Monday, 24 September 2007

New term, new targets

OK, let's finally admit it. I put on a net two pounds during the holiday season.

Frankly, that in itself is a triumph: I weighed in at variously 145 to 147 lb during the run up to our holiday (from early July until mid August). On our return from France, I had a horrible moment when the scales said 151 lb - but that was on the evening of our return, and my usual weigh-in time is first thing in the morning. Next day, it was 149; since we got back from London and back to work, it's been 147 to 148. This is fine by me. If I hadn't done some damage-limitation in the second week in France, I reckon it would have been a lot more serious.

So, where now? Well, in the first place, I stop ignoring the inaccuracy of the "this is now" note on the right of this blog, and change photo and weight to reflect today. Secondly, I review my targets - this was prompted by a space for such things on the Fetch Everyone site.

Starting weight, 14th January 2007: 167 lb
Weight today, 24th September 2007: 147 lb
Target weight, 17th November 2007: 139 lb

Why 139? Because it will be exactly two stone lost, and it's also "goodbye, one-forties".

Why 17th November? Because that's the date of the twentieth anniversary concert of Chimes Musical Theatre, which I've been running since 1987, and I so loved having a choice of concert dresses for our concert in July - I want it to be even better this time.

And because it's almost exactly eight weeks, and only eight pounds, which is absolutely achievable. That's why.

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