Monday, 29 October 2007

Feeling like a real runner

OK, so it's only at a pace of around 11 minutes per mile; but 4.74 miles in around 52:30 without a single stop is the biggest achievement yet.

And I didn't feel that I had to stop because it was hurting - because it wasn't. I could have continued for at least a little longer, and it was a steady pace and rhythm, and I enjoyed it.

Oh, wow.


SAM said...

Well done! Once you get over teh 20min without stopping hump it all becomes easier. The first 20min are always the worst - just relax and enjoy. And feel proud - you should!

TK said...


That would probably literally kill me... If not, my knees and back would punish me for it for weeks!

soap box girl said...

I just realized that our stats are now within a pound for both the start and current weight. (Unless you've dropped more weight, of course!)

Start for me was 168 lbs.
Current weight is 148 lbs.

Congratulations with your running. You've come a long way. I think it's time for you to sign up for an 8k or 1/2 marathon!

Cassie said...

Thanks so much, folks, for all your support - it really means a lot.

Sam - ain't that the truth. Actually, I remember my first lightbulb moment about going the distance was when I first started. I was plodding away on the bike at the gym, plugged in to watching dear John Thaw as Inspector Morse, and the episode had 10 minutes more to run after I'd finished my prescribed time. So I kept going to see what happened - and realised that it felt good!! But it's taken a long time for the running to get to the same point...

Hey, TK - it really wouldn't kill you - but you have to take it SO slowly!! I couldn't run further than about 500 yards back in March, and it took another three months to get to a 2 mile run. And my pace is still very slow by "real" running standards.

SBG - {high five}! Yes, I'm still at 147 - haven't lost any weight since July, but my measurements have still improved a bit because of the toning. To be honest, I'm not too worried about losing much more - 139 would be nice, but I'm genuinely happy with my shape and fitness for the first time EVER, so as long as I never get anywhere near 154 again, and my wardrobe stays at a size 12, that's fine by me. Well done you, too!

As for the next race: I've signed up for the Wymondham New Year's Day 10K, so watch this space!

Keep up the good work, everybody.