Friday, 10 August 2007

A bit stronger

Gym session with Kim - not a PT session, but a girls-together-session. A good one; just over an hour, starting with a treadmill warmup but otherwise all using weights.

I was really pleased that my strength seems to have improved a bit (not that that's saying much). One of those instruments of torture which requires you to support your own weight - kneeling on one bit and hauling yourself up and down using handles above you - had me totally defeated when I tried it a few weeks ago - Kim was in stitches at the look on my face on that occasion.

This time I managed a respectable 10 or 15 reps per set, 2 sets of each variation, without going blue in the face. Excellent stuff. And considering that I don't go to the gym anything like as often as I should ("haven't got time - oh, stuff it - I'll go for a run instead") it's better still.

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