Monday, 13 August 2007

More about age

It's all Crabby McSlacker's fault. She wrote one of her excellent blogs a few days ago which included a link to an extraordinary parlour game: guess how old I am?!

Now, Crabby accuses some of the participants of fishing for compliments, and I have to hold up my hands and admit to being one of those. I've generally been told that I'm not bad for my age, and since the recent weight loss, have had some gratifyingly pleasing comments along the lines of you're HOW old? Never... (I've also had somebody look at my before-and-after photos on the right hand side of this blog, and ask in all seriousness if the earlier photo is of my mother.)

This being the case, I couldn't resist joining in with this slightly daft - not to say narcissistic - idea. And no, I'm not going to tell you the results - you'll just have to go and have a look for yourself. Scroll down to the foot of the page to see the present average guess, and follow the link to have a go. And upload your own photo if you're feeling brave.


Crabby McSlacker said...

You brave girl!

Well, I guess it's not all that brave of you given how young you look. I'm dying to check out the photo and the guesses, but for some reason the age project site is moving at a glacial pace and I can't seem to find you yet. (My computer is acting funky today so perhaps that's part of the problem.) I shall try later and hopefully it will be more cooperative.

And thank you for the kind mention!

Cassie said...

Thanks for the compliment!! In case you've gone straight to the age project site, you will wait for ever for me to come up there - there seem to be thousands of us narcissists around. Use the link at the foot of my blog page to go straight to my photo...