Friday, 17 August 2007

That's better

I had a totally mad working day, with two new clients down on the Norfolk/Suffolk borders - one for IT training, the other in preparation for helping her with decluttering. The A140 is a nightmare of speed restrictions, and I was late leaving Suffolk anyway; so my planned over-an-hour for pre-holiday defuzzing (I know, too much detail!) was crammed into thirty minutes - Kayla worked a miracle in the time available before her next client.

Kim was due to come over for a run, and much to my relief she was running late (pardon the pun) as well, having had an equally busy day at work. Collapsed in an armchair in our front room, I wouldn't let her back out of the run, though - I wanted to try out the new trainers!

We ran down to Morton Hall and back - just the two mile circuit - but oh, that felt so much better. Still aching in various places, but I'm quite convinced that the wrong fit trainers were a big part of the problem. (The other part is the data input work that I'm doing for a client, which keeps me in front of the PC for up to 6 hours a day - lousy on the back. I'll be glad to be running in the Loire (the valley, not the river), with no access to any computer technology, in just over a week's time...)

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