Saturday, 5 May 2007

Final preparations

Having tried out my running legs yesterday and being confident that they could cope, Kim came over for a gentle run round Lenwade Lakes this morning. Well, hardly running - she couldn't get used to running that slowly, and walked much of it whilst keeping up with my jogging!

But we did two circuits of walking, followed by two jogging, and finally four circuits continuous jogging - each circuit being about half a mile. We timed about 11 minutes per mile, and I felt no need to stop; average HR about 140 bpm at that slower speed; comfortable. Joyful, in fact.

This is us, Kim holding the camera out in front of us both (we could've asked one of the fishermen to oblige, I suppose).

Here's to a happy day tomorrow.


Kim Harrington said...

Just a quickie to say I hope you sleep well tonight and keep off the wine!!!!!!

We will have a fantastic time tomorrow at The Race for Life and I know you will run the whole course........... and even if you did want to stop I won't let you.

Looking forward to the experience!

Lots of love & see you in the morning running partner!!
Kim xxx

Nikki said...

Good luck for tomorrow - I did my first Race for Life today at the Showground, great atmosphere and lovely course!