Thursday, 10 May 2007

A new look (for blog, for me)

Hope you like the new design - I was getting a bit tired of the soft pinky colours, which were really not me at all! (Thanks to one of my favourite blogs, Lorna's Thunks, I twigged that you don't have to accept all the default settings - there's loads you can do to personalise your blog.) I found the fabulous little cartoon on the internet - before anybody thinks I've turned into Betty Boop, it's not meant to be taken terribly seriously... I couldn't find a cartoon I liked of somebody running or working out!

Oh, and while I'm at it, I've created a new blog. Starting this process at the age of 44, I enjoy noticing the achievements of folks who are older (or younger) than you'd expect for those activities; so Tolstoy's Bicycle (read the blog to understand the title!) has been set up to celebrate them - I hope you enjoy it. (Let me know if you have any contributions, too.)

I was dressed up to go out for an Evening of Divine Trinkets (I kid you not) in Norwich (run by my friend Claire Bunton), and had chosen that red top again (together with my favourite strawberry necklace & bracelet from East). I suppose I'm getting vain (am I forgiven after years of loathing the camera?), but the webcam photo I took - hey, cheekbones, welcome back! - pleased me so much that it's become my new profile photo. (I add it here too as the profile photo will probably change again before long...)

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