Friday, 25 May 2007

So long, sixteen - farewell, fourteen...

... well, some fourteens, anyway!

Having spent a very long time in the 14-16 size bracket, I was not a little thrilled to arrive home after some retail therapy in Norwich with a new skirt and some new t-shirts - all size twelve. A combination of M&S, Debenhams and Gap (well, the Gap ones were a Medium, but hey). When I tried on the cute turquoise summer skirt (not an elasticated waist, either) in Debenhams, I held my breath as I did up the zip, preparing to return for the 14; and nearly died of shock when the 12 proved to be the right fit.

OK, so there are some makes which still class me as a 14 - a rather good denim jacket bought on e-bay a week or two back is a Per Una 12, and definitely won't be a good fit for at least another half-stone - but oh boy, did that feel good.

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