Saturday, 26 May 2007

Good run

Kim came over for our getting-to-be-regular fortnightly run together (I hasten to add that I'm exercising alone too!). I was very, very pleased that my pace seems to be increasing a little, and it's been a while since I experienced really painful calves or thighs during a run; it's starting to feel natural. Only a mile down to Morton Hall and a mile back, but it feels great. Lots of gossip and supper afterwards.

Over supper, we got on to telling stories - and showing photographs - of the time that Selwyn & I visited friends in Florida, back in 2002. I was interested, and slightly shocked, to see that, whilst I was actually a few pounds lighter than I am now, my shape was completely different; and I still wasn't confident enough to wear anything that fitted me closely.

Here I am with our lovely friends Warner & Lois from Mount Dora, near Orlando, with Warner's sister Char standing behind (I might add that Char was over eighty at the time - what a great lady!). I'd managed to get down to a respectable not-much-over-ten-stone, if memory serves me right; so why was I wearing a baggy t-shirt and baggy shorts and very baggy cover-all shirt?

It's not a problem now... (revisit this entry for evidence!)

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