Sunday, 27 May 2007

You think I'm silly 'cos I'm daft

- as my dad puts it.

I really wanted a run today; I'd done no exercise yesterday, and having faithfully promised myself that I'd do a session of "real" exercise - by which I mean either a run of two miles or more, or a full session at the gym - at least every other day, that was today's aim.

It's filthy weather today; we got back from church this morning, and it was a steady drizzle that gradually got heavier. If I hadn't so much to do at home I'd've gone to the gym, but taking two hours out at that point wasn't on; so I ran in the rain. And actually, really enjoyed it. The prospect of a hot shower when I got back, the fact that it wasn't cold, I was under trees for much of the time anyway, and the satisfaction of doing the mile from here to Morton in nine minutes - a fair bit faster than last time, it's usually more like ten - made it worthwhile.

Not recommended for your vanity, though...

PS: this morning I weighed in at 148 lb (10 stone 8). That's nineteen pounds in as many weeks; seeing my starting weight of 167 lb is frightening now - and there ain't no way I'm ever going back there again. And I can't resist adding a photo of myself at 167 lb (taken in October 2006) as comparison with the soggy, un-made-up, but infinitely healthier photo above.


TK Temple said...

You are looking fabulous! I have been truly inspired, and am down 4 pounds so far. Keep up the great work!
All best wishes,

Cassie said...

Thanks so much, TK. And congratulations on your own achievement!