Monday, 7 May 2007

Other press coverage

- not all have their photos up yet, but it's worth keeping an eye out.

Nivea were sponsors (goodie bag providers at the end), and they have a Race for Life page here. If you choose the Celebration Gallery > View the Gallery > 05/05/2007 Norfolk Showground (date is in USA format) there are some photos there. (Ignore the second 05/05 and the 05/06 dates: when I enquired, I was told "unfortunately our photographer had trouble uploading the 6th May Norfolk images and therefore placed them into the 5th May Norfolk images folder".) So no photos of us there, but some great images of groups of runners.

And Radio Broadland were covering the event all weekend; there are links (at the moment, anyway) off their front page to a video and to photos of all three races (haven't found us in any of the Sunday ones yet!).

The Eastern Daily Press (EDP) and Norwich Evening News websites each has an article, and in both cases the same slideshow of photos - as of this morning (Tuesday) it's now working. (You'll find the photo that appeared in the paper of us, as shown in the blog entry below, about three-quarters of the way through!)

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