Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Running in the rain

April and May have switched places this year. After the hottest, sunniest April on record, every day this month seems to have been wet. Not that I mind - the garden is very relieved.

It's given a new running experience, however. Kim came over to have a run with me this evening, and it was very, very damp out there... a constant drizzle. But it didn't matter - it was actually a really nice run, and doing the two-mile route down to Morton Hall and back meant that we were under trees half the time anyway. We didn't time ourselves, but my pace is certainly faster now, and sometimes it really feels like running - a marvellous feeling.

Next time we run in the rain, though, I must make sure I wear my contact lenses and not my specs - I couldn't see a thing...

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