Friday, 18 May 2007

Running in the sun

Most days recently have started promisingly, but deteriorated into downpours. Today, however, took us back to the glorious sunshine we'd experienced last month, and happily I'd already decided to go for a run at the lakes in Lenwade (as I needed to be in the village anyway).

What a fabulous morning. The fishermen were out in force, and amused as always, but they seem to be getting used to me. I did eight circuits, the first and last walking, and jogged the others in blocks of 1, 2 and 3 circuits. Not quite as "easy" a run as it has been - I can feel a muscle pulling in the lower half of my left thigh, which is slightly uncomfortable (will see how it goes today and perhaps call James); but after setting off fairly briskly, I took the pace down to my usual 10 minute mile and trotted along quite happily.

My last circuit was a cooling-down walk, so I took the mobile with me and took some photographs.

and a couple of me (face colour matching t-shirt colour, and then getting arty)...


TK Temple said...


Blogs are a fun way to "meet". I enjoyed your input, and had to remark in return on this post: I think it's so cool that you can RUN that far! With my rotten back and knees, I can ride my bike fine, and do brisk walks of 2-3 miles, and hike, but run? Probably not to save my life! You have inspired me though with your great attitude and this blog. I have been jogging little bits when I go out walking, and now that I've had chiropratic help for my back, I find I can do it without "paying" for it with pain for days. So I will take that inspiration that you have given me and ramp up that effort. Also, I love your Tolstoy's Bicycle blog, and have added a link to it on my own. It is also quite inspiring to me. Thank you!
All best wishes,

TK Temple said...

PS: I got a kick out of the "arty" photo! :D

Cassie said...

Thanks so much - delighted to have been a return inspiration, and many thanks too for the link back. Will keep watching - good luck with "ramping up the effort", I'm sure you'll do it!