Monday, 9 April 2007

Feeling gorgeous

Remember the red top from East?

Tonight we went over the road to our great local pub, the Parson Woodforde, for an end-of-Holy-Week meal. (Interesting that I didn't feel the need to finish everything on the plate.) I dress in said red top, and a great black skirt with a very flirty hem which I bought in Bolton back in January; the skirt is now a little too big on the waist (I had to undo it halfway through the evening before) and my husband is very appreciative of the red top (and comments that Dean [the pub landlord]) will be, too! Together with a fabulous strawberry necklace and bracelet (also from East) I feel better about my appearance than I have done for years. There is a waist appearing there.

Actually, I also like the (rather grainy) photo that I took of myself earlier this evening using the webcam. Yes, I know it isn't as smiley, but it's the way I've always wanted to see myself - just a bit elegant and possibly slightly mysterious? Any friends of mine will probably fall about laughing at that idea, but there you go...

Today we're off to Staithes, on the Yorkshire coast, for a brief break, so time for walks around ancient monuments and jogs down the beach. Never thought I'd see the day when my most vital bit of packing was my trainers and sports bazooka holders. See you in a week's time...

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