Friday, 1 June 2007

This week's progress: 1

On Tuesday I went down to the gym, clutching my new PT programme. I ran for 15 minutes on the treadmill, and took the speed to 8.5 km/hour - this is still comfortable, which thrills me. Better still, when I looked around for another CV machine (it was very busy that evening) I decided on the cross-trainer, which I haven't used in months; and when I chose to do the workout which, in a previous life, was very hard work, it was (whisper it) actually fairly easy! I'd better notch it up next time...

Having completed the CV work, I moved on to the first of the "new" weight machines in my repertoire - the 45 Degree Leg Press. Lie on your back, hold heavy weight up with feet, bend legs to bring weight lower. It couldn't be less dignified if it tried - but very effective! (I only needed 5kg on each side at this point, so had to ask a muscle-bound weight-trainer to move the 20kg weights that were on there. Not cool.)

Anyway, there I was with my legs in the air (sounds like the start of my favourite Maureen Lipman joke, I'll tell you that another time) and who walks up but Kim. So we went round the rest of the weights circuit together, and I invite her home for supper afterwards - great evening.

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