Saturday, 21 April 2007

And more, and more...

Having run 3 miles yesterday, I found myself adding a further two miles and a PT session today!

Ann at Morton Hall needed help with her computer, so to run down there, do the work and run back seemed the right thing to do ("do you need running home?" she asked; "no, I'm running home" was the reply!). Having done last night's run, I have to admit that there wasn't much "flying" on either mile of today's effort; my poor body was clearly screaming after all these years, what do you think you're doing - but I made it - down in one, back in one, apart from a brief pause each way to take photos on the mobile of a little of Ann's beautiful bluebell woods.

Home for a very quick lunch, then back to the gym for a PT session. I was feeling the effects of two weeks' break from the weights and stretches; great to feel the CV improving all the time, but I need to keep the strength training up as well, or that poor body really will get confused! We tried a couple of the machines that effectively mean you supporting your own body weight (which despite improvement, is still not inconsiderable) and those really were tough. However, I enjoyed the session and felt a lot better for it.

Incidentally, we had some fun checking my measurements. Taking a measurement and then holding a tape measure to where it was back in mid-January is very satisfying... (hips -7cm, waist -3 cm, bust -6.5cm, upper arms -2.5cm each) . Welcome back, half of my wardrobe.

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