Wednesday, 4 April 2007

The scales were stuck...

With all these excited posts about heartrate, time and distance, and general well-being, you might have noticed a distinct lack of commentary about weight. Well, I know I shouldn't be leaping on the scales every morning - but old habits really do die hard.

This morning saw a weight of 152 lb (10-12) - hooray! Frankly, I was starting to think that the scales were stuck in a time warp, as they'd registered 153 or 154 lb every darn morning for the last three weeks. Yes, I know muscle weighs more than fat, and yes, I could feel that clothes were looser, etc. etc. - but...

Anyhow, that means I've lost 15 lb since the middle of January (just over 11 weeks), and that I have 3 lb to go before I reach what is officially termed "normal" weight for my height and build - as opposed to "overweight". Lots of jogging along East Yorkshire beaches (our holiday after Easter) should do it!

PS: Today was my first session with a sports therapist. I don't do too badly for flexibility, given how unfit I've been for how long, but round the ankles and calves there's a serious lack of mobility. So I'm glad to have found James Witham who visits the home, as well as operating out of a few different venues (including my gym at Carrefour), and really knows his stuff. I must say, though, having had some nice gentle aromatherapy and general relaxation type massages in the past, "this is massage, James - but not as we know it..." Not the kind of treatment that you fall asleep in!

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Kim Harrington said...

The scales may of pondered for a week or two feeling as if they were stuck but your physical and emotional effort even from the beginning has always been 110% and effort = reward.

I am so very very proud of your achievements so far knowing that there are more achievements to come. In January we were looking at walking now you are jogging and in training for The Race for Life a 3.5-mile (5k) run!

It is so fantastic to see your weight loss and new body shape, results from the way you have harnessed your own potential. You know some people are afraid to place their hand on the door handle and peek in side, where you have unlocked the door, flung it wide open and taken several large steps………… and there is no going back!

Its not only been a pleasure working with you but what is even more rewarding for me is to witness the unleashing of the new you.... that is a fit and healthy beautiful lady called Cassie.

After the Race for Life it will be a 10 k I just know it!

Your devoted Personal Trainer