Sunday, 29 April 2007

A few steps further

Our Friday night run seems to be getting to be a (very welcome) habit at the end of the working week. Having got over the worst of the aches from earlier in the week, I invited Kim to come to me for our run, and set out with my husband in the morning to try out our planned 3 mile route. Instead of going the usual way down to the gates of Morton Hall and back again, we walked further down the road and took a later footpath in through the back of the estate, then out by the normal route; and reckoned that it was about three miles, or perhaps just slightly shorter.

It turned into another beautiful evening, and after tea and a chat Kim and I set off. The bits through the field and across the farmyard were, we decided, a bit tricky at this stage - the last thing we want is a sprained ankle just before the Race for Life - but we jogged them slowly, nonetheless, and got round the whole thing and back home in about 21 minutes of jogging. We'd stopped for a stretch and a breather after about a mile, and walked a couple of short distances - oh, and stopped to say hello to the cows, too...

...but the result was that (apart from the final, tiny uphill slope on the last few yards back home, which is always a killer) it was a comfortable run, and I kept going for much longer than I'd ever have dreamed when I started all this running lark - which was just five weeks ago.

Of course, we then took advantage of all this exercise-calorie-burning, and having eaten at Kim's local last week, this time it was the turn of the Parson Woodforde over the road to the Rectory!

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