Friday, 6 April 2007

Good Friday Walk

Our benefice is about five miles from its northern to southernmost points. Today, our Good Friday walk took us between the three churches of Attlebridge, Alderford and Swannington which are in the northern part of the group - according to my Mapper software, a route of 2.7 miles (about 4.3 km).

The cross was carried with us, with members of the group taking turns, either carrying it solo (as my husband is doing here) or between two. There were sixteen of us at various points along the route, plus Megan the labrador, who gleefully explored every muddy puddle she could find!

There was a hymn, a brief reading and a prayer at each church, and then the very pleasant walk on a spring day on to the next place, concluding with the Good Friday afternoon service taking place at Swannington, where I was one of the choir singing some appropriate anthems.

A different but lovely way of increasing the steps on the pedometer - and nice to be able to chat whilst doing it, rather than getting out of puff as I would have done in previous years...

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