Wednesday, 18 April 2007

That's better

Right. Today I had the right support (!) and jogging trousers that fitted; so a mile down to Morton Hall and a mile back, with two brief walking breaks going and in one hit coming back, was more successful than yesterday!

Between the two I stopped to explain to Ralph, who works at the Hall, just what this mad woman was up to, as he was standing in the Hall driveway looking baffled at my approach. "I've seen another fella doing this sometimes, too" he said - I worked out that this was Peter, who lives in our village and is not far off seventy, but jogs frequently and as a result is fantastically fit.

The bluebells at the Hall are looking gorgeous - I must take the camera down next time I go. This is a wonderful time of year to be starting this sort of journey.

The run was followed this afternoon by a second sports massage from James, who manages to be charming whilst he's making you wince with pain... whoever thought there could be so many small muscles in the legs that could hurt?! Actually, the legs did feel a lot better afterwards. I'm due to go for a run with Kim on Friday, so it will be interesting to see if the calves shriek in protest as soon as usual.

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