Monday, 16 April 2007


OK, so anybody reading this is probably sick of me sounding smug... but this is more of an achievement than I'd have believed possible.

Every holiday I've returned from, since the dawn of time, has shown an increase of weight. This holiday I didn't worry about it too much: normal three meals a day, one glass of wine with supper (even a pub fish & chips one night!), and when my husband had a slice of lemon cake with his tea ("just to top up the carbohydrate, you understand") I'd have a mouthful. (Oh, and it's about time there was a photo of one of my greatest supporters, so here he is with said delicious lemon cake - we were visiting the beautiful and tranquil Helmsley Walled Garden at the time.)

The pedometer readings for the week have been impressive - lots of wandering up and down beaches, round towns, up and down the one-in-four hill into Staithes, and up and down the five flights of stairs in our cottage. During the days there, the lowest was just under 7,000 steps; the highest (on Thursday, which included my jog in the morning) was over 16,000. If ever there was proof that this is the way to eat, drink, be merry and look the way I want to, this is it.

When I last reported back on this blog (4th April), I was 10-12 (152 lb). I'd kept quiet about the scales registering 154 lb on the day we went away (as you do).

This morning it was 151 lb.


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