Tuesday, 3 April 2007


This is the picture of triumph. Not the most flattering photo I've ever had, but who cares?! It's taken on the webcam a few minutes after I got back from my usual circuit to Morton Hall. And I thought you'd like to see the pink beanie hat (complete with silly pom-pom, which I could see bobbing in the shadow as I ran...).

This time I half-walked, half jogged there - but I JOGGED ALL THE WAY BACK - one mile. Not a sprint - a fairly slow, heavy jog - but a jog nonetheless. Not only that, but my HR only went above 150 bpm in the last quarter-mile or so, and was only 163 when I finished; compare that to over 160 by the end of a half-mile when I went round Lenwade Lakes for the first time, just a week ago.


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