Thursday, 5 April 2007

This is the life

A stunning day - less like April than July. Kim came with me to try out the Lenwade Lakes circuit - which Kim agrees with me is probably about half a mile or slightly more - six times round, so about three miles.

We took the first and last at a normal walk; #2 was at a much faster pace than my usual, which I kept up for about 3/4 of the circuit before dropping to a walk; #3-5 were all jogged at a rate of about 4.5 minutes for the half mile circuit (my last go, ten days ago, was about 5.5 minutes), with breaks between each. Next time, I need to try a slightly slower pace but for longer - if I can get up to 8 circuits comfortably, that will be about 4 miles - easily enough for the R4L distance.

And I loved it. As you can see from the photos...

Lunch afterwards back at my home with Kim - she loved my home-made bread (I've been a breadmaker-owner-freak-convert since January), but says it's made her feel half a stone heavier!

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