Wednesday, 18 April 2007


First chance to go out for a run since getting back from holiday, emerging late afternoon from the emails and the laundry. Clearly in too much of a hurry to think straight!

Halfway down our lane I realised two things: one, that I'd forgotten to put on a sports bra instead of the regular variety (and despite weight loss, there's no way I can jog without major support!); and two, that the jogging trousers I'd grabbed, which I hadn't worn since last summer, were not only too big but actually falling down as I ran... (Have you seen that advert for Nimble bread where the workmen keep losing their jeans?) After an abortive couple of minutes of attempted running with one hand across the bazookas and the other holding up my trousers, I gave it up as a bad job and took a two-mile walk instead!!

This evening was our wedding anniversary (twelfth), so we had a lovely meal at the Ratcatcher's Inn, near Cawston. Having stuck to one glass of wine per night for several weeks, I felt decidedly tiddly on half a bottle...

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