Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Breathing 1 - muscles 0

Interesting to see how different bits of the body improve at different rates.

Busy day on Monday. Worked with a computer training client in the morning; then went to the gym, followed the present set of exercises. Having discovered that I wasn't getting the best out of the Nautilus (you have to make sure you step right at the front of the belt), that now feels like slightly more hard work! (Thought it was too easy before...) And, of course, keeping right to the front of the machine means that the bazookas get in the way. I could always balance them on the bar to reduce weight, I suppose.

Then back home briefly before a service in the evening down at Morton Hall (it being the Monday of Holy Week, there's a service somewhere each evening). I wasn't dressed in running kit, so took it gently, but managed a very slow jog for about 50% of it.

What I did notice after all this was that, after my mile walk/jog down to the Hall, I was barely out of breath at all, so my CV obviously is really improving. The calf and thigh muscles, on the other hand, were screaming for mercy after a very short time ("two fitness sessions in one day? What are you doing to us?"! Sort of split personality fitness, I suppose...

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