Monday, 16 April 2007

Running in the mist


Most of this week has been glorious, but Friday & Saturday were pretty foggy. We'd identified Sandsend as the one long local(ish) beach, and drove the few miles down the coast on Saturday morning. I despatched my long-suffering husband to warm up in a nearby cafe, looked down the beach into a dense fog, and started off...

Actually, it was exhilarating. As I got further away from the corner of the beach where the families (like true British stalwarts) were ignoring the poor weather and building sandcastles nonetheless, I found myself pretty well alone for the rest of the way - just one or two dog-walkers approaching from the other direction. The sound of the sea was wonderful, and even the grey dampness was very beautiful. I did the 15 minutes out in three five-minute hits, and the 15 minutes back in one.

I reckoned from the pedometer that I'd run about 2.5 km in total - the round trip - although it took a full half-hour, which would usually be more like 2.5 miles at my present rates. Either the pedometer is misjudging my distances, or it's just that running on sand is far, far slower than I thought! I'm now keener than ever to do enough of this that I can run without thinking of muscular discomfort... but just the feeling of doing it, though, is enough for the moment.

Then it was back to the cafe that Selwyn had been using for his coffee, now for our (delicious) lunch: the Bridge Cottage is a really charming place, clearly popular (we were glad to be there in April rather than August) and with excellent food.

No photos of me running in the mist, but here I am recovering afterwards!

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