Monday, 9 April 2007

Hello yellow brick road

Easter Sunday. One of the loveliest and most exhausting days in the church year. We start with the Easter Dawn service at 6:00 am (and therefore getting up at 4:00 am) at Great Witchingham, a stunning building with no electricity that lends itself to a service centered on candlelight. I am serving and sharing the singing of the psalms with my husband.

This is followed by rolls-and-marmalade-or-cheese for breakfast with the congregation, home for a brief rest, then off to Swannington for the well-attended (for this rural area - over 30) 10:00 am service. (Incidentally, we've included a note about the R4L in the weekly pew sheet, and two of the parishioners come and find me to offer sponsorship.) Coffee, chat, home to collapse.

We spend part of the afternoon watching that fabulous old chestnut, The Wizard of Oz. Once Dorothy has declared "There's no place like home", the Rev is off to do his final service of the week - Evensong - leaving me to take a run. Sitting on the sofa watching the box for two hours is something I seldom do, and the need to take some exercise is overwhelming! So I jog the mile down to Morton Hall in some lovely sunshine, take a five minute break for stretches and water, and jog the mile back; it takes exactly ten minutes each way. My muscles are still more easily tired than I would like, and I'm now working for that feeling of "freedom" that Kim describes where you can run without thinking about the body. It will come - a little bit further down the yellow brick road.

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