Saturday, 31 March 2007

Great session: 30/03/2007

Thursday saw us taking another walk round Norwich. I wanted a water bottle and holder for use while jogging, and also found my own beanie hat: sugar pink. Kim will refuse to be seen out with me wearing it. It's even got a little tassel on the end.

On our way out of the sports store, I spotted the R4L t-shirts we'd wanted to get (the website for Reebok said they wouldn't be delivered until 1 May!). So I phoned Kim to check her size and got us one each - really pretty colour. (Mine is a standard t-shirt shape, Kim's is the vest type. Mine still has to cover up more than hers - bazooka holders or no...)

On a more elegant note, I also found (back in East - I really must stop going in there) the most gorgeous deep red crossover top. I think it looks sensational. It's a long time since I've thought that about any item of clothing on me.

Friday took me back to the gym for a PT session with Kim, and it was invigorating. I am starting to feel genuinely energised by the sessions, and when at one point we moved from the downstairs area to upstairs, I surprised myself by running up the stairs... We did a step test, which was a killer - but principally because it was one step higher than the last time I tried it!

Kim wanted a photo of herself to put on her R4L sponsorship page, so I was happy to oblige, using the mobile. Action shot!

Oh, and one more thing... I found a brilliant book on Amazon, which I think is going to a great inspiration and help. If you're looking for simple guidelines and real inspiration, have a look at Running Made Easy here. (When I told Kim about it, her reaction was "And you've bought it? And you've read it?" When I said "yes, and it's brilliant" she started bouncing around the gym as I was cycling my warmup, singing "Cassie's going to be a runner...")

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