Saturday, 31 March 2007

First solo run: 26/03/2007

It was such a beautiful day. I thought: why not? and drove down to the lakes at Great Witchingham. It's an area for fishermen, with little lakes and bits of forest dotted around. The lake nearest to the car park is a modest circuit - I guess about half a mile - fairly even ground.

I did "scout's pace" for the first two circuits - jog for about 100-200 paces, then walk about the same. Between each, I paused at the car, stretched and had some water. At the third lap I thought Can I? or, like the little train, I think I can I think I can - and jogged laps 3 and 4, with a pause between each. Heart rate was around 145 by halfway, 160 by three-quarters, but recovered back down to under 120 when I stopped. Lap five was straight walking, and lap six was jogging. Once again, I'd done about 3 miles, and about half of that was jogging.

I took a couple of photos of myself on the mobile, and used one on my Race for Life sponsorship page.

It's a long time since I felt this triumphant about anything.

This is life-changing.

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