Saturday, 23 June 2007

And Crabby talks a lot of sense, too...

A great article by Crabby McSlacker (who I found a few posts back, and whose superb attitude to real life I much enjoy) about Getting Off the Couch. Not only that, but the comments by her readers about "half-assed is good enough" (i.e.: any effort, no matter how small, is an improvement over nothing) are so, so relevant to Miss Completer-Finisher (as I was hard-wired at birth).

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Thank you so much Cassie!

And yes, the readers' Comments are indeed the best part of any of my posts. (They tend to be quite a bit less whiny than I am!)

Looks like you've found some great runner's resources--and I agree, there's something very refreshing about runners' attitudes.

Sigh. I used to be a runner but have trashed my knees and have to do a silly power-walking thing. I miss running.

(And I'm not sure what this means, but my word verification for today is "goffat." I'm not sure its a good omen!)