Friday, 1 June 2007

I'm worn out

For anybody who is starting to think that this blog is far too good to be true (Pollyanna? moi?) it may be reassuring that today I get the feeling that I'm still not ready for everyday exercise just yet!!

Yesterday's run with Kim was comfortable. Today I intended to go to the gym and try out my revised routine; but it's been such a gorgeous day again, and I needed to go to the post office in Lenwade anyway, that I thought, why waste it - I'll have a run round the lakes.

Well, I did it OK - walked once round the slightly smaller lake and then jogged round it, to warm up; then one circuit of the larger lake, followed by two circuits and then three, and finally one circuit walking. So about four miles in all, or a bit more than. But it wasn't really easy at any point; felt like I was going uphill all the time (which logically can't be the case!). Timing wasn't bad; each half-mile circuit took about 4:45 or thereabouts, including those done as three on the trot (if you'll forgive the pun). But I'm very tired now.

So I'm coming to the conclusion that, at least for the moment, real-exercise-every-other-day is probably a good idea; if I want to bump up the step record on the pedometer on the days in between, it had better be a walk!

But I'm glad I didn't miss a day like this.

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