Friday, 1 June 2007

This week's progress: 3

Yesterday was Thursday - day off. Selwyn & I went into Norwich to see a lunchtime concert at the King of Hearts arts centre - click here to read more about that - and then, well, I needed some new underwear! As you do... With the help of the nice lady in M&S, we came to the conclusion that I'm now a 34F - had been as high as a 36G - so bought the first genuinely pretty bits of underwear that I've owned in years.

No, I'm not about to publish photographic evidence in the public domain - the sight of the Rector's wife in her knickers might be just a bit too much to handle...

... oh, but I suppose I must also admit to another visit to East, and to the purchase of a pillar-box-red, flared summer skirt. I know East are generous with their sizes, but when I was trying on the size 12, the saleslady looked at me and said "are you sure you don't want to go down a size?" (my husband's comment to her was "you get today's gold star"); and yes, the 10 won hands-down. I hasten to add that an East 10 is definitely an any-other-shop 12; but it does the ego loads of good!

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