Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Incremental running

Whilst in Norwich today (for the haircut) I bought a copy of Runner's World to see if I might subscribe to it - I've already found its online forum very useful and supportive. On a brief glance through it over a sandwich in Pret a Manger, I like what I see: for example, I love the article about Steve Oxley's technique of incremental running. You tot up the miles you've run across a given period, and figure out how far it would add up to on a map.

Steve 'reached' Central London [from Hull] in June... "I had just run down the Mall, touched Nelson's Column and was now heading back north..."

What a great idea. And, as he says, it sounds more impressive than "I've been for a three mile run"!

I wonder how far I've run since March? I'll have to work it out and let you know...

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