Friday, 1 June 2007

This week's progress: 2

The weight is now hovering between 146.5 and 148 lb. Seeing it dip under ten-and-a-half-stone was a great thrill - the last time it was down in that region was 2003.

The thing is, it's less of an issue now. Yes, it's a lovely way to calibrate progress, but I am far more interested in the fact that I can run for 2-3 miles without any problems; that my hip measurement has reduced by nine centimetres (yes, nine) in just over four months; that I've been buying clothes in a size twelve; that I feel stronger.

Over supper on Tuesday, we were discussing my next goals - as Kim said, "you've achieved all your original ones!" (to lose an initial stone and review matters, to run the Race for Life, to get my body-shape confidence back). So what are my new goals?

  • to be able to run 5km (3.1 miles) at a consistent speed of 10 mph, without stopping
  • to get my waist measurement down to 31" (as a classic apple shape, it's the last thing to reduce on me - it's reduced from 35" to 33" so far)
  • to get my body fat down to the recommended 28% (I don't know what that is until we have our next PT session at the weekend; last time we measured it, about five weeks ago, it was 36.0% down from 38.6% in January)

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