Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Pilates: something new

I decided to try something I'd been vaguely aware of for some time: Pilates. There are classes at the gym I attend (Carrefour Norwich), so off I went this morning to Mary's class.

I was very interested and impressed. It's not easy to get the postures correct when you're new to them, but I could feel how it would benefit my "core strength", and hence that omnipresent threat of lower back pain. (Happily, I haven't needed to visit my osteopath for months, and it's definitely been miles better since I started this journey of fitness; but it still feels vulnerable sometimes, especially when I'm overtired or have spent too long in front of a computer.)

So I shall take myself off to the classes whenever I have a chance, and hopefully develop this as a new strand of my fitness.

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