Saturday, 16 June 2007

A surprise

I've been accustomed for the last couple of weeks to seeing a fairly consistent 147-148 lb on the scales. I suppose I wanted to see whether the lifestyle (food, exercise etc.) was balanced right to keep the weight around the same without thinking about it too much, and that seems to be the case.

However, yesterday I did quite a lot of walking (retail therapy in Norwich!) followed by a visit to the gym. It wasn't quite the full workout (it was so hot that I have to admit to omitting my usual half-hour on the treadmill & Nautilus) but 5 minutes each on bike and rower to warm up followed by an hour's weights.

And this morning I was not a little startled when the scales registered 145.5 lb... Given that yesterday I was actually slightly disheartened by the fact that in stores like Zara I'm clearly still a Large (anything size 12 and upwards seems to be Large in their book), this was a very welcome boost to the morale. (A visit to East, who do the complete reverse and are very generous with their sizes, restores faith. Honestly - doesn't it just go to show how nonsensical it is to be bothered by such things at all?!!)

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Anonymous said...

first time to pass by here. Seeing the right pane saying that June was 147 lb and now it's 145.5 lb, I think you are doing well
about sizes, what east are generous in sizes?